Aluminum Wire

Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire

    MOQ: 100KG-500KG

    Rross section range:

    Thermal Class: 120℃ ,130℃ ,155℃, 180℃ ,200℃, 300℃

Among all of its high-tech magnet wire products ,Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a complete range of

rectangular enameled wire with aluminum as the conductor.

We pride ourselves in excellent quality products with competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

Specifications of Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire:

1 Flat wire thickness:0.80-5.60mm
2 Flat wire width:2.00-16.00mm
3 Width/thickness ratio:1.4<w/t<8.0
4 Type: enamelled aluminum wire
5 Standard:IEC 60317-16,60317-16/28,MW36 60317-29 BS6811 ,MW18 60317-18 ,MW20 60317-47
6 Thermal Class:120℃ ,130℃ ,155℃, 180℃ ,200℃, 300℃
7 Rross section range:2-80mm2
8 Range of insulation thickness:IEC60317-0-2 G1,0.06-0.11mm G2,0.12-0.17mm
9 Enamel base coat:
   2)Modified Polyester
   4)Polyvinyl fomal Polyimide

10 Heat shock:155℃ -300℃

Features of Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire:
1) Excellent bending property
2) High flexibility of the enamel
3) Good resistance to abrasion
4) High mechanical property
5) Higher thermal property
6) Good resistance to refrigerant and freon
7) Suitable for windings that are subjected to constantly high temperature and mechanical stress
8) Good chemical resistance

9) Outstanding mechanical and chemical property

Applications of Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire:
1) 120 degree flat enameled wire for oil-immersed transformer
2) 130,155,180 degree flate enameled wire are widely used in all kinds of magnet coil
3) 200 degree flat enameled wire works constantly in high temperature
4) 240 degree flat enameled wire for magnet coils of aviation,military and marine appication

Parameter of Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire:

Packaging of Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire:

Shanghai Metal Corporation Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests.

Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)SMC Standard


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