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Flange Dismantling Joint

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading flange dismantling joint supplier and manufacturer.

For bolted flange joints that work at high temperatures for a long time, the residual stress on the gasket is gradually reduced due to the creep relaxation of the gasket and the bolt, and the sealing reliability of the flange joint is gradually reduced, eventually leading to leakage failure. To solve the problem of flange joint sealing, it can be sealed with high temperature sealant. It is suitable for working conditions with high temperature and pressure on smooth and flat sealing surface (butt joint), especially for sealing metal joints. Resistant to up to 900 ° C of hot steam, gas, hot, cold water, light fuel oil, lubricants, crude oil and natural gas. Excellent adhesion at the sealing surface and joint ensures a pressure of up to 250 bar (255 kg/cm2). Suitable for: instrument and pressure vessel flanges, bearing races, bolt flanges, bearing rings, looper flanges, support washers, sealing gaskets, manhole flanges, flat flanges, butt weld flanges.

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PN1.0Mpa                       Unit (mm)

Applies for conveying seawater, fresh water, hot and cold water, drinking water, sewage, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, air, gas, temperature no higher than 250 degrees steam and particulate powder and other media. 

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