Copper & Brass Bar/Rod

Grounding Copper Clad Flat Steel

      Copper Coating Thickness:0.254mm

      Length:3 m or 6 m


      Steel Base:Carbon Steel

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading supplier and manufacturer for Grounding Copper Clad Flat Steel.

Copper-clad flat steel is produced by electroplating. The purity of copper layer is 99.9% and above. It has the advantages of good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and long life. It is the best choice for replacing traditional steel, especially galvanized flat steel. Compared with the copper-clad steel grounding wire, the pressure equalization effect is better. When making the grounding lead, it can be close to the equipment foundation (cement rod, pipe bracket, angle bracket, steel surface, etc.), making construction quicker and more convenient. However, the pressure-relieving effect of copper-clad flat steel is better than that of copper-clad steel grounding round wire, and it can be close to the equipment foundation during construction, and the construction is convenient. Copper-clad flat steel is generally available in sizes of 3m or 6m, and can be customized to different lengths depending on customer requirements.

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  • 1. Copper Clad Thickness: 0.254mm

    2. Length: 3 or 6 meter

    3. Steel Base: Q235 Low Carbon Steel

    4. Certificate: UL, CE

  • 1. Power transmission and transmission lines

    2. Power stations

    3. Buildings and antenna grounding devices

    4. Computer and other electronic equipment grounding system

    5. Connected with lightning receptors

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