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Hot Press Machine

    Hot Press: SMC1325*100-3


    Total pressure: 100T


    Feeding direction: Transversalv

The SMC1325*100-3 Hot Press :can be used for office furniture, kitchen furniture, solid wood furniture production. 

1.Hot platen: It is drilled from excellent carbon solid steel and it is high precision, high strength and durable. It is manufactured on special worktable, so as to keep the hot platen easy to operate.

2.Heating system: It is heated by electrical oil heater.
3.Hydraulic system: It has excellent oil pump and electric motor. So it work smoothly. The pressure is adjustable.

4.Cylinder: It uses high quality oil envelop so as to avoid of oil leaking.

---solid steel heat conduction board with deep-hole drilling technic.
---Automatic device for controlling close and open.
---pedal emergency switch, much safety.
---quadric temperature protection device
---Main hydraulic parts cylinders and composites are from Japan and Taiwan .
--- CHINT Electrical parts

Hot Press: SMC1325*100-3

Total pressure: 100T

Feeding direction: Transversal

Dimension of hot platen: 2500x1300x42mm

Number of layers: 3

Number of platens: 4

Stroke: 100mm

Diameter of Oil cylinder: Ф100mm

Number of cylinders: 6

Heating medium: Steam or thermal oil

Frame structure: welded

Working pressure: 25Mpa

Total power: 4.5KW

Thermal oil furnace motor power: 37.5KW

Overall dimension (Approx): 3900*1700*2000mm

Net Weight (Approx): 8000Kg

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