Bag type: Type A/B/C/D


    Bag capacity: 500kg – 2000kg


    Bag style: U/4-panel, Circular, Baffle, special

FIBCs is a packaging products and it made from polypropylene particles through the drawing yarn, weaving, cutting, sewing procdure. 

FIBC’s capacity rang from 500-2000kg  of products, mostly used in medicine, construction, chemical industry, food industry and  filling granules, 

powder, small solid products.  FIBC can be recycl used in many times, easy for filling, loading and unloading, suitable for stacking, 

transportation. It is the international standard of universal packaging and transportation products.

Bag type: Type A/B/C/D

Bag capacity: 500kg – 2000kg

Bag style: U/4-panel, Circular, Baffle, special

FIBC mostly used in food, construction, chemical, medicine industry and filling granules, powder, small solid products. It easy for filling, loading and unloading and suitable for stacking, can be recycl used. It is the international standard packiang and transportation products.


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