Compressive strength(25%)  >=120KPa


    Hydrophobic Rate  >=99.5%

Product Detail

Aerogel thermal insulation blanket is made by special technics, in which nano silica aerogel is adopted as leading material. It is a flexible composite blanket designed for high-temperature applications(up to 600C/1150F), with thermal performance two to eight times greater than other high-temperature insulating materials. 

It is available in multiple thicknesses up to 10 millimeters, and can be used as thermal insulation in buildings and industrial insulation. It is particularly well-suited for applications that require a thin product that can be easily cut, rolled and shaped on the job site. Because it offers high insulation performance even when compressed.

Aerogel insulation blanket 's operating temperature range is -200~650 C.

Features and advantage:

1. Low thermal conductivity and low thermal capacity

2. Excellent hydrophobic properties 

3. Excellent acoustic noise reduction 

4. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic raw material . 

5. Good flexibility, tension and compressibility.

6. High strength and low density 

7. Long service life

Technical Information of aerogel:

Application of aerogel:

Waterproof and Fireproof, piping insulation, oil exploration, refinery project

Petrochemical industry, Power Generation Plant, City Heating System, LNG project

Building, transportation, new energy battery, Nuclear Power Station


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