How To Store Electric Wires And Cables?

Heavy storage racks are a good solution to the problem that wires and cables in warehouses tend to be lumpy, tangled, and difficult to extract, just like a jumble of cotton threads. Because of the particularity of the goods, so the warehouse racks also have special requirements. For example, the characteristics of warehouse shelves need to be free to pick, no requirements on the goods to go.

The first choice is tray rack. Pallet racks have no special requirements on the specification and load bearing of goods. Goods with round wires and cables can be placed on pallets directly and then put on pallets with forklifts. The goods can be selected freely by 100%, and the height of the pallet shelf can be adjusted freely to meet the requirements of different goods on the pallet height, making storage more flexible.

In addition to pallet-type shelves, you can also use warehouse racks designed for cable and wire storage, such as coil shelving. Because it is hollow in the middle, the shelves can be supported by arms to secure the cables and wires to the shelves in the warehouse. The height of bracket can also be adjusted up and down according to the actual situation, and goods can be stored according to the use of goods to achieve personalized management.

Cables and wires may be long strips of storage as well as bundles of storage. Cantilever rack is suitable for storing long strip or round goods, so cable and wire, whether long strip storage or round storage in bundles, cantilever rack can achieve its purpose. Long cables and wires can be placed directly on the cantilevers, or bundles of cables and wires can be hung from the cantilevers, which are easy to use either way.

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