Hydraulic Blowout Preventer

     Drift Diameter: 120/140/160/180/230


     Working Pressure: 14/21/35


Mainly used for drilling, production testing, perforation, in the course of testing oil seal cables. It uses circular gate, the

situation of the godd, simple structure, bothe manual and hydraulic switching, a single-gate structure, Shanghaiya board,

the three gate, a manual and a total of five kinds of liquid; connections to the production from top to bottom the previous

structure, and can be converted well head flange or other BOP link.

Mainly used for drilling test window, oil wells, repair, minor repairs, test oil operations, it uses a long circular gate, force,

compact structure is divided into: manual and hydraulic ip and down to connect into the form: double flange, planted on the

wire under the flange, the Xiazai wire-type three, Can be arbitrarily selected according to the needs of users, Full range: To

meet the drilling , underbalanced drilling, underground work, with the pressure snubbing operations and other purposes.

Series full specifications, size from 7 1/16 in a 13 5/18 in, pressure level 5000psi a 15000psi. Versatile: With a full-closed

gate, half-closed gate, shear ram, can be used for special purpose.

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