Mooring Equipment

Marine Anchor: Hall Anchor, Japan Stockless Anchor, U.S.N. Stockless Anchor

    Material: Cast Steel


    Weight: 40 kg~46000 kg


    Type: Hall anchor, Japan stockless anchor, and U.S.N stockless anchor

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Marine Anchor manufacturer and supplier. Anchors generally refer to marine anchors and are the main components of mooring equipment. The iron-type ship-stopping device is connected to the ship with an iron chain, and the anchor is thrown at the bottom of the water to stop the ship. The ancient anchor was a large stone, or a basket full of stones, called "Ding". The meteorite is tied to the bottom with a rope and the ship is moored according to its weight. Later, there were wooden claw anchors, that is, wooden claws were attached to both sides of the stone, and the ship was moored by weight and grip. The South China Sea has a record of metal anchors. Ancient Chinese sailboats use four-claw anchors, which have excellent performance and are still used on seesaws and boats.

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We provide various marines anchors, including Hall anchor, Japan stockless anchor, and U.S.N stockless anchor. They are the most popular stockless anchors in the modern world.


Packaging & Delivery of Marine Anchor

Packaging material: standard wooden case

Delivery detail: in 2 months

Meanwhile, the company is well-equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities, including:



Quality of Marine Anchor

Shanghai Metal Corporation is committed to provide superior quality and make products, which are durable, latest, and with improved functionality. We apply the most advanced precision tools to improve quality of products.


Other mooring equipment

We provide other mooring equipment, like Chocks, Panama Chocks, Fairlead Roller, Single-roller fairlead and Bollard. We guarantee they are of the same best quality.

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