Mooring Equipment

Pedestal Roller Fairlead

    Type: CB436-83

    Material: HT (grey cast iron); ZG (steel)


    Weight: 32.1 kg~336kg; 33.8 kg~355 kg

Product Detail

Pedestal roller fairlead can work separately to guide the mooring rope. Here we have grey cast iron and steel roller fairlead so as to cater for different needs. With multiple certificates, we promise the quality could be the best.

Specification of Pedestal roller fairlead
1) Diameter of Fairlead Roller : 150mm ~400mm
2) D1: 150mm~400mm
3) D2: 240mm~560mm
4) L: 195mm~355mm
5) H: 3mm~5mm
6) Weight (HT): 32.1 kg~336 kg
7) Weight (ZG): 33.8 kg~355 kg


Packaging and Delivery
Packaging material: standard exporting wooden case
Delivery detail: depend on the quantity of your order
Surface Treatment
Polished, galvanized or bitumen painted
Quality of Pedestal roller fairlead
Shanghai Metal Corporation is committed to provide superior quality and make products, which are durable, latest, and with improved functionality. We apply the most advanced precision tools to improve quality of products.

Other mooring equipment
We provide marine anchors: Hall Anchor; U.S.N. Stockless Anchor; Japan Stockless Anchor; We guarantee they are of the same best quality.


The company is fully equipped with production facilities, including:

Meanwhile, the company is well-equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities, including:

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