PET Bottle Blowing Preform Mould

    Mould Standard: DME

Product Detail

The mould is made of high quality steel; the hot runner adopts needle valve balance type plastic feeding; the product has beautiful 

appearance and very small size error and very high qualification ratio.

Material: special mould steel, Heat-resisting alloy, Aluminium alloy

Bottle Type: water bottle, CSD, Hot Filling, Aseptic ect.

Cavity QTY: Single-cavity/Muti-cavity

Mould Standard: DME

Features of PET Bottle Blowing Preform Mould:  

1. High quality 

2. Reasonable price 

3. On time delivery 

4. Good After-sale service

5.Strict quality control

6. All the mould are automotic.


Quality assurance of PET Bottle Blowing Preform Mould

1. ISO 9001:2008

2. Mechanical properties test.

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