ISO Standard Container

Side Open Container

    Max Gross Weight: 32,500Kg

    Tare Weight: 3,280Kg

    Maximum Payload: 29,220Kg

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Side Open Container manufacturer and supplier. An open side container has the same features as a standard shipping container or storage container. The container is comprised of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels throughout, lockable double doors on one end, as well as 1-1/8” thick marine plywood flooring on the interior. The major difference is the two additional bi-fold doors on one of the side walls. The inner portion of the bi-fold doors can be opened similarly to the standard doors on the end of the container. You can also open the bi-fold portion as well, giving you access to the entire side of the container. An open side storage container is also referred to as a full-side access container, side access container or a side opening storage container. If you want to know more about our container products or Side Open Container price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Dimensions of Side Open Container:




1. Operational Environment

The container is designed and manufactured for the carriage of general cargo by marine, road, and rail. It is designed to maintain its structural and weather tight integrity within a temperature range of -30 degree C to 80 degree C.



All to meet series 1 freight containers set forth.

ISO 830 Freight containers-Terminology.

ISO 668 Series 1 freight containers-Classification, external dimensions and ratings.

ISO 6346 Freight containers-Coding, identification and marking.

ISO 1161 Series 1 freight containers-Corner fittings-specification.

ISO 1496-1 Series 1 freight containers-Specification and testing-


3. T.I.R. Requirements and Certifications

The container shall comply with the customs convention of containers, 1972 and all subsequent revisions to date and will be identified with appropriate approval plates and markings.


4. Timber Component Treatment and Certification

All exposed timber components are treated with an Australian government approved insecticide and the container will be such identified with appropriate immunization plate.


5. CSC Requirements

The container will comply with the rules set forth in the International Convention for Safe Containers and will be so identified with a plate.


6. Classification Society

The container will be certified by Classification Society’s in design and individually during its production.


7. Transportation

The container will be constructed to be suitable for transportation in normal operating conditions by

modes of:

A. Marine - on deck or in cell guided by vertical or diagonal lashings

B. Rail - on flat or container car secured at its bottom corner fittings

C. Road - on flat or chassis secured at its bottom corner fittings




1. Guarantee

The guarantee period will commence the day after the certification is issued by the classification society.


2. Paint Guarantee

The application of paint will be guaranteed against corrosion and paint failure for a period of three (3) years. The guarantee is for all faults affecting more than 10% of the painted surfaces and will assure partial or total re-painting of the containers. Normal wear/tear, or corrosion caused by acid, alkali or results of damages by abrasion, impact or accident are excluded.

Note: Corrosion is defined as rusting which exceeds RE3 (European scale of degree of rusting) on at least ten (10) percent of the total container surface coated with the concerned coating system.


3. Other Guarantee

This container will be guaranteed against any defects or omissions in constructions, workmanship and materials for a period of Twenty-four (24) months. In the event of defects, SMC will replace, correct or install to make the container satisfactory to this specification and its intended service at SMC's expense. Any damages caused by mis-handling, mis-securing, mis-loading, impact and any natures of accidents are excluded.

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