Precision Alloy

Soft Magnetic Alloy UNS R30005

    Standard: GB/T15002-1994, ASTM A801 Alloy 1


    Grade: UNS R30005, K92650, Hiperco 50 and 1J22, Permendur,Suprmendur


    Condition: Cold rolled, hot rolled, bright, burnished, hot forging, peeled, turned

Shanghai Metal Corporation have long history supplying such soft magnetic alloy steel abroad. We have our own method to guarantee the physical and magnetic property after forged and annealed progress. It will be extremely prefect quality indeed.

1.We supply the further heat treatment method, which helping customers meeting their magnetic property when put into using.

2.We do further heat treat if customer couldn’t beginning heat treatment by themselves. But the product should cut to their required size.

  • Special Motors for the Aerospace Industry.Electromagnets for medical applications ,Electrical Generators;

    Specialty Transformers,Pole Pieces for Electromagnets; Magnetic Bearings ,High Magnetic Flux Devices and Instruments.

1. Description: UNS R30005/1J22/K92650/Hiperco 50 is an iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloy which exhibits high magnetic saturation , high d.c. maximum permeability, low d.c. coercive force, and low a.c. core loss.

2. Chemical element:

3. Magnetic property:

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