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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Steel Aviation Hangars manufacturer and supplier. Referred to as the hangar, the large-span single-story building that repairs the aircraft is the main building in the aircraft maintenance area. Depending on the amount of aircraft maintenance and maintenance project requirements, the layout, height and structure of the hangar are also different, depending on the following factors: 1 the type and quantity of the aircraft to be repaired at the same time, the maintenance items and the degree of maintenance required. 2 requirements and restrictions on the height and layout of the hangar structure; 3 installation requirements for cranes and working platforms in the hangar gate and hangar; 4 configuration requirements for fire protection facilities inside and outside the hangar; 5 site conditions and development trends. If you want to know more about our Steel Structure products or Steel Aviation Hangars price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

SMC Steel Structures offers steel aviation hangars suitable for all your aviation needs, regardless of whether you are the owner of a large fleet or just need to a place to house and carry out repairs on your small hobby airplane. We offer suitable steel hangars for every imaginable type of aircraft, including helicopters, airships and blimps. At SMC Steel Structures we understand that even a single propeller airplane is a major investment that comes with its own exacting storage and maintenance needs, and we treat each customer with the care and respect his investment deserves when helping design his structure. SMC Steel Structures sees the need for versatile steel aviation hangars and will deliver buildings that are optimal for your particular requirements.


Since it will add many years to the lifetime of your craft and lower its amount of necessary maintenance work, providing your aircraft with a high-quality shelter from the elements is a wise investment. An airplane that is protected by a high-quality steel structure while on the ground will be more capable of withstanding all the stress that it will be exposed to in the air. Steel hangars are popular among both civilians and the military as they are cost-efficient, safe, durable, low maintenance, and can be erected rapidly. A well designed steel structure will also be easy to modify, allowing, for instance, for new ports to be opened up, walls to be moved, and new buildings to be connected to the original hangar with ease.


At SMC Steel Structures we will always design a steel aviation hangar that is ideal for your present needs. This means that our steel constructions can be fitted into most budgets and the aircraft owner will spend less on superfluous storage space. Most aircraft keepers prefer to spend their money on their precious planes rather than on redundant hangar space. This is also true when it comes to maintenance. A steel aviation hangar from SMC Steel Structures is extremely low maintenance throughout its entire life. We only use supreme quality steel and our available coating materials are also among the best in the business. This means that you will spend less time caring for your hangar and more time in the air. You never have to worry about parasite attacks since termites, carpenter ants, mold and fungus all detest steel structures. It is common for insurance companies to offer lower premiums for steel structures, since they never have to pay out settlements for parasite damages.


Steel aviation hangars are also appreciated by aircraft owners due the supreme safety. Steel is fire proof and will contain even a severe fire and prevent it from spreading to nearby buildings and aircrafts. Modern air crafts are usually very safe, but when fuel and electric equipment is involved there will always be an increased risk of fire. Investing in a steel aviation hangar is therefore an investment in security. If you plan to use your hangar as a workshop for maintenance work, safety issues will be even more important since your might for instance need to use welding equipment.

Erecting an aviation hangar from SMC Steel Structures is simple and time-efficient. If you prefer to hire contractors, we can help you to find a contractor in your area whom we have worked with in the past and can recommend.

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