Processing Machine

Surface Grinding Machine

    Table Size (L×W): 540×250mm

    Max movement of working table(L×W): 560×260mm

    T-Slot number×width: 1×14mm

Wheel speed50HZ 2850r/min  / 60HZ 3360r/min

Wheel Size(OD×WD×ID): φ200×20×Φ31.75mm

Spindle motor1.5kw

Coolant pump motor40w

Surface roughnessRa0.32μm

Weight850(kg)Net / 950(kg)Gross

Overall dimension(L×W×H)1680x1220x1720mm

Package dimension(L×W×H)1200x1400x1940mm

The product is suitable for manual surface grinder that is cost-effective, easy operation and simple and easy.

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