The Role of Pressure Sensitive Tape and Aluminum Foil Tape

Electric heat tracing is an effective pipeline insulation and antifreeze solution, which has been widely used. The electric heat tracing has a small temperature gradient and long thermal stabilization time, which is suitable for long-term use. Its working principle is to radiate a certain amount of heat through the heat tracing medium, and to supplement the loss of the heat tracing pipe through direct or indirect heat exchange to achieve heating and insulation Or antifreeze for normal work requirements.

There are many accessories involved in the installation of the electric heating cable system. In addition to the two-way / three-way junction box, explosion-proof temperature controller, explosion-proof power junction box, special tape for electric heat tracing is often used. Specifically, "tape" is divided into heat-resistant pressure-sensitive tape and aluminum foil tape.

Pressure-sensitive tape is used to fix electric heating cables and pipes, which can withstand temperatures up to 200 ° C. Aluminum foil tapes can be used to fix electric heating tapes in electrical heating systems, capillary tubes and temperature probes for thermostats, or aluminum foil tapes for flexibility. Auxiliary fixing of electric heating plate. In addition to facilitating the installation and fixation of electric heat tracing products, in some electric heat tracing systems, the material of the outer jacket of the electric heat tracing belt is limited. Due to the different materials of the pipeline, the problem of uneven heat transfer will occur. It will cause concentrated heat accumulation at a certain point of the pipeline, especially in the place where the pipeline is installed at a discount. How to solve such a problem, it is necessary to use aluminum foil tape, which can increase the heating area of the pipeline, thereby ensuring the effect of electrical heating of the pipeline.

The biggest difference between the two is that the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is fixed horizontally, while the aluminum foil tape is fixed along the direction of the heat trace and is firmly attached to the pipe.

Pressure-sensitive tape and aluminum foil tape are important components in the electric heat tracing system. They are indispensable. If the user is missing during installation, the heat tracing insulation effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when using the electric heat tracing system, it is necessary to contact with The electric heat tracing manufacturers contacted and the electric heat tracing manufacturers were equipped with a complete electric heat tracing system.

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